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Even though Indian Wedding and Engagement Ceremonies are spiritual and religious, they are also full of emotional and candid moments. Our style is to get a unique combination of wide angle photos and close up portrait photos from a variety of angles, anticipating smiles and emotional moments during the Ceremony.

Beyond photographing the most important moments, we put an emphasis on capturing those moments with creativity. We’re always in search of reflections, interesting subjects and creative foregrounds and backgrounds, and the perfect light in our photography. Our unique combination of lighting techniques along with our creative post production allows us to create amazing, creative and visually appealing imagery for your Wedding or Engagement ceremony.

We like to capture all the vibrant colors of a Wedding or Engagement ceremony with our various techniques. We don’t do too many “Vintage Fades” or other de-saturated processing techniques, unless the scene and image calls for it. Instead, for the majority of our photography, we apply techniques to bring out the colors to capture all of the dynamic range in the scene. From HDR photographic techniques to advanced flash photography, we use all of the resources, tools and knowledge we have built up over the years to capture all of the amazing action, colors, and emotions at your Big Day.

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Wedding And Event Photography
Nirab Sarma 10/11/2016