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'Hello! We are "Soulful Pixels Photography", a Photographer team based in Tinsukia, Assam. We love serving people by photographing their most cherished moments and we are passionate about capturing their moments in a beautiful, authentic and golden way. We believe in preserving irreplaceable memories in a tangible way.

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Wedding Photography

Beautiful Bengali Bride Detail Shot Of Wedding Ring Bride's Hand With Mehndi Assamese Bride Makeup Beautiful Assamese Bride Gorgeous Bihari Bride In Lehenga Traditional Assamese Wedding Bride In Red Lehenga Assemese Wedding Makeup Wedding Reception Dance Wedding Ring Finger Traditional Bengali Wedding

Even though Indian Wedding and Engagement Ceremonies are spiritual and religious, they are also full of emotional and candid moments. Our style is to get a unique combination of wide angle photos and close up portrait photos from a variety of angles, anticipating smiles and emotional moments during the Ceremony.

Beyond photographing the most important moments, we put an emphasis on capturing those moments with creativity. We’re always in search of reflections, interesting subjects and creative foregrounds and backgrounds, and the perfect light in our photography. Our unique combination of lighting techniques along with our creative post production allows us to create amazing, creative and visually appealing imagery for your Wedding or Engagement ceremony.

We like to capture all the vibrant colors of a Wedding or Engagement ceremony with our various techniques. We don’t do too many “Vintage Fades” or other de-saturated processing techniques, unless the scene and image calls for it. Instead, for the majority of our photography, we apply techniques to bring out the colors to capture all of the dynamic range in the scene. From HDR photographic techniques to advanced flash photography, we use all of the resources, tools and knowledge we have built up over the years to capture all of the amazing action, colors, and emotions at your Big Day.


Couple Photograph In Autumn Look Boy Lifting Girl In His Arms Boy Giving Rose To Girl Boy Lifting Girl In His Arms In A Romentic Pose Pre-Wedding Shoot Inside a Jungle Pre Wedding Shoot At Night With Fireworks Couple Shoot In An Eco Resort in Assam Save The Date Image For Wedding Pre Wedding Photo Using Guitar As A Prop Couple In Black Dress Holding 'I Love You' Sign Couple Having Picnic In The Park Pre Wedding Photoshoot Inside A Tea Garden

Indian weddings tend to get a bit chaotic with a number of rituals and so many things to be taken care off. Pre-Wedding/ Post-Wedding or Couple Photo Shoots give the couple some intimate time, away from the hustle bustle, which is spent making beautiful pictures and therefore Couple Photo Shoots are kind of the norm nowadays rather than the exception. We encourage the couple to bring ideas to the table and share their story with us from which the shoot can be inspired to create something timeless (yet something which they can connect to) .

Q) What Location Is Used For The Pre-Wedding Photography?

A) Historical places and iconic structures usually have details and give depth to the pictures. Historical places are always a great choice because they represent standing the test of time in a sense, and are symbolic of strength and tenacity in good times and bad. Much like what every couple wants from a marriage. Also, iconic structures from cities that the couple grew up in couple are a great way to show pride in your roots, and have sentimental and nostalgic value. This can be a beautiful way to always have your hometown be part of your wedding memories no matter where in the world you go. I, personally, love natural settings because of the greenery and mountain views that lend a touch of romance to Pre-Wedding shoots. For couples who are not so shy, public places are a great way to capture fantastic moments, keep it real, and make them feel like the center of attention too! At the end, though, It’s all about creating memories that will symbolize your life’s journey and celebrate the joy of finding that special someone to share your life with.

Q) So What Kind Of Outfits Should a Couple Be Wearing For a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

A) Unique pictures come from couples projecting their own personality. It is important, though, that the couple wears colors and outfits that compliment each other. I recommend three or four changes of clothes for Pre-Wedding shoots; usually a mix of Indian and Western, casual and formal for both.


Female Model Standing Elegantly Gorgeous Assamese Model Handsome Male Model In Suit Female Model With Sunglasses Assamese Model In A Rice Field Male Model In A Casual Dress

Are you looking to get into the modeling, acting, dance or promotional industry but don't know where to start? Or are you a musician needing new images to promote yourself on your next album cover or website? We can help you take the next step. We specialize in a wide range of portfolio services and offer invaluable advice, especially to those who are just starting out and new to it all.

Every portrait is unique. Every life is different. In every extraordinary experience there are images that stand above the rest, capturing the emotion of the moment. It is for those photographs that we soak in the opportunity to capture the individuality and beauty of each image. We are passionate about photographing people and yearns for the chance to capture the individuality and beauty in every subject. We provide you the opportunity to separate yourself from the rest and expand on your unique self. We will inspire a vision that is right for you all while capturing your distinct look and personality.

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We Are One Of The Best Photographers In Tinsukia, With More Than 4 Years Of Experience In The Photography Service. We Strive To Create An Enjoyable, Creative And Giggle-Filled Experience, While Delivering Stunning Photos Of The Highest Quality. With An Eye For Candid Moments And Genuine Interactions, We Are Known For Our Fresh Style, Creative Perspectives, And Photographs That Celebrate The Love And Joy Of Families. We Understand Your Photography Needs And Know How Much It Is Important To Capture Each Of The Festive Moments. From Those Surprise Engagements To Amazing Parties, From Your Birthdays To Weddings, From Candid To Receptions, We Will Fulfil Each Of Your Requirements. We Capture Your Style, Your Smile, Your Poise And Your Posture, The Cheers And Toasts And Everything That Will Give You A New Reason To Smile When You Look At The Photographs Again.

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